At Solebury School, students can study dance during the academic day and/or as an after-school activity.

During the day, students can choose from the electives below, while after school, they can join our dance team (hip hop, jazz, and pop-based), which performs routines at home basketball games and out in the community. Whichever students choose, they’ll have the chance to perform in front an audience!

We can also arrange independent studies or private lessons for those interested.

Meet the Teacher

Rebecca Wilschutz, Dance Teacher


Course Offerings

Ballet I/II continues on with the education they received in Dance Exploration or at outside studios. Students work on improving their technique, putting steps together to form across-the-floor exercises, as well as practicing ballet choreography and contemporary choreography.

Choreography class is intended for advanced dancers who will learn to develop dance pieces for both beginners and intermediate dancers. Students will also have the chance to teach beginning dancers. Professional artists from New York City are brought in to teach master classes.

Dance Exploration is an introductory course that teaches students a variety of dance styles and proper stretching techniques, including yoga and pilates. Students will receive instruction in ballet, tap, and jazz techniques and review various American dance styles.

Musical Theatre Dance Styles class focuses on Broadway choreographers, such as Bob Fosse, Gower Champion and Twyla Tharp, as well as some original Broadway choreography.

Swing Dance class introduces students to the art of dancing with a partner, along with aerial tricks to the swing style of jazz music in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. The Swing Dance class is one of the most popular classes at Solebury, for both boys and girls!

In Tap Dance, both beginners and advanced dancers learn to create rhythm with their feet.

Hip Hop is currently being taught by Kendall Gilbert, whose crew placed second on the World of Dance stage.


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