STEM Concentration

The STEM concentration at Solebury School gives students an opportunity to go beyond the classroom offerings and dive into their STEM interests. Students choose the path that works best for them to complete the concentration. This includes independent studies, looking at STEM careers and networking with professionals, being engaged in clubs and special events on and off-campus, and taking a wide variety of STEM classes with the guidance of the concentration coordinators.

This concentration is geared towards students who want to have enriching experiences in STEM during their course load at Solebury. Students will work with the STEM coordinators to design a variety of experiences that students will find challenging and engaging. Students will then submit the activity that they completed to keep track of their progress. We believe that STEM students should have experiences that relate the work in STEM with other departments within Solebury to make a well-rounded student while increasing the exposure of the student to STEM.

Students can apply spring of 9th grade or during their 10th grade year. They must start by 11th grade in the fall to achieve the certificate. 

STEM Concentration Coordinators: Michelle Gavin and Cari Nelson.


  • 4 years of Science
  • 4 years of Math
  • 1 STEM related AP course
  • One trimester independent study that is not offered within the Solebury curriculum with a presentation given to the department.
  • Actively participate in STEM week (in one of two ways)
    • Coordinate a presenter over the course of two years during STEM week OR
    • Be a presenter for STEM Week (2 times, not in the same year)
  • Peer tutor in a STEM discipline (minimum one trimester per year)
  • Senior project focusing on STEM and getting approval from STEM Coordinators
  • Attend a speaker event outside of Solebury
  • Shadow a professional within a STEM career for an agreed upon amount of time

Community Based: Points Needed for Completion (10pts)

  • Participate in a Solebury STEM club for a trimester. (1pt)
  • Participate in a summer experience in STEM (internship) and give a talk in a general level class about it. (3pts)
  • Community service hours giving back to Solebury School or local community (STEM related) approved by the concentration coordinators. (2pts)

Enriching activities: Points Needed for Completion (10pts)

  • Visit a college and sit in on at least 1 college STEM class. (2pts)
  • Take a summer STEM class or program approved by the concentration coordinators. (3pts)
  • Participate in a Solebury travel experience (minimum 5 days) that is tied to STEM. (3pts)
  • Travel to a science/math/engineering expo or conference. (1pt)

Additional opportunities may be available to students as they move through their STEM Concentration. Students are encouraged to work with the coordinators to explore STEM-related activities that interest them.

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